Desiree was a beautiful young vibrant 21-year-old woman. She was a student at Mohawk College taking the Biotechnology Program. She had 5 more classes left and she would have completed the 3-year program.

Desiree was a dancer and competed in dance from the age of 3 up to grade 12. She was also very athletic and loved to play sports. In her spare time Des would do what normal 21-year-old women would do and hang out with her many and beloved friends.

She was a little firecracker and a very strong-willed woman, she was never a quitter... and exuded incredible strength and courage which was most evident during the 2 years after her tragedy.

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On May 25th, 2013, Desiree’s life was changed forever, when Desiree became a victim of crime.  She was brutally assaulted before falling 7 stories from a balcony.  Desiree survived the fall but sustained very serious injuries.  She had her bone flap removed to relieve the swelling of her brain.  She lived 9 months without her bone flap until the medical professionals could make her a new one. She broke her spine in two areas and required a rod and 14 screws to hold her spine together.  Her her left arm was broken and had to have a rod and 14 screws put in to try to repair the damage.  Her right ankle unfortunately could not be repaired as it was too mangled, so the doctors had to fuse it together.  She was left blind and in a wheelchair. Her blindness was due to the brain injury. Desiree remained in the hospital for over a year but after being released she went to stay at Participation House in Brantford, her home town where she received 24-hour care as she was more helpless than a newborn baby.  
The man responsible for Desiree's assault was named Justin Primmer .  He rented the apartment where Desiree had attended a party that horrific night.  He took pictures of her beaten face which were found on his cell phone.  All the blood the police found in the apartment along with her bloody hand print was enough evidence to charge him with assault causing bodily harm.  Justin Primmer was sentenced to 6 months in jail and how Desiree went over the balcony is still an ongoing investigation.

Desiree was a fighter, she fought to recover, she fought to walk again and showed incredible strength throughout her struggle.  Unfortunately, on May 14, 2015, Desiree succumbed from her inital injuries and passed away 4 days after Mother’s Day.  Desiree helped so many people during her 2-year struggle.  Her strength allowed two other women to come forward who were also victims of Justin Primmer.  When people met Desiree and heard about her tragic story, many who themselves were going down a wrong path decided to turn their lives around. Knowing what this young woman had gone though made them realize they have a wonderful opportunity to fulfil their dreams and potential.  Their lives and challenges were nothing in comparison to what Desiree had to struggle with.
Desiree has been an inspiration to so many people, those who knew her and those who she had never met.  Right to the very end of her life Desiree saved other peoples lives by being an organ donor and she saved 5 other peoples lives.  Desiree NEVER EVER gave up, she fought right to the very end of her young life!!​​
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