Desiree's Angels Victims For A New Start

Charitable #: 1946790

Desiree’s Angels Victims For A New Start is a Non Profit Organization that was registered in April 2016.

Desiree’s Angels began when Desiree Gallagher, who this Non Profit Organization was named after, became a victim of crime. Desiree was brutally assaulted and fell seven stories from a balcony. Desiree survived the fall but was left blind and in a wheelchair for 2 years. Sadly, Desiree passed away May 14, 2015 from complications due to her injuries.

No one is prepared to become a victim of crime. It is a traumatic and difficult experience. Being victimized takes a toll physically, emotionally and physiologically.

Our mandate is to provide long term support for Victims of Crime and their families.